Frequently Asked Questions

What is a campaign in Teeformula?

A campaign is a t-shirt with a new design that can be purchased only during limited period of time.

What is an active campaign?

Active campaign means the t-shirt still can be purchased and it does not hit it’s time limit.

Can I still buy a t-shirt after the campaign ends?

No, t-shirts cannot be purchased after the campaign ends. It can be purchasable only if the campaign is relaunched.

When should I make a payment?

Payments same as any other eCommerce store and it should be done fully before a campaign ends.

When will you ship my purchased t-shirts?

We will ship all the purchased t-shirts within 5 days after a campaign ends.

What countries do you ship?

Currently, we ship only within the UAE. However, we are continuously expanding our coverage area. Stay tuned by subscribing our newsletter. Soon we will ship to your country as well. 

How do I know my size?

Click the What is my size? link in every product page and get guidelines about sizes.